Spring Glen Woods
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) About Spring Glen Woods

Q: Can you rent or sublet the bungalows?
A: Nope. All bungalows must be owner occupied and we do not have any rental properties. Subletting is not permitted, nor is letting people use your cabin when you are not there.

Q: What is a bungalow like at Spring Glen Woods?
A: Each unit is a quaint 300-400 square feet. All units have an eat-in kitchen, a bathroom (some bathrooms have a bathtub/shower and others just have a shower), and either one or two additional rooms that can be used as a bedroom or living room. Some have decks or screened-in porches.

Q: Spring Glen Woods is a co-op – what does that mean?

A: Spring Glen Woods is a cooperative community, which means we all share the land, and we all help out and work together, cooperatively. We have a Board and various committees. ALL members are expected to participate in committees and/or board involvement and respectfully adhere to the rules and regulations that apply. You are purchasing shares within a community.

Q: How many bungalow units are part of Spring Glen Woods?
A: We have 21 units. 

Q: What is the bungalow season? 
A: Spring Glen Woods is open roughly from mid-May through early October, but it all depends on the weather. The cabins are not winterized. Our pipes are above ground and therefore subject to nature and climate. We open when the pipes are not subject to freezing temperatures, and we close when the temperature drops and the pipes are in jeopardy of freezing. We hire an outside person to do the opening and closing of all units and this fee is included in your maintenance.

Q: Can you use the bungalows in the winter?
A: No you cannot use your bungalow in the winter. They are not winterized and the water system was not designed to be used year-round. You are not allowed to winterize your unit for use outside of the approved bungalow season (mid-May through early October).

Q: What do the bungalows cost to own and maintain?
A: The sale price for a bungalow generally ranges from about $45,000-$65,000 (all sales are cash only; there is no financing available for the units).
Each unit has an annual maintenance cost of $3000, which is broken up into four payments, and we have occasional assessments to cover major repairs (like cutting down dangerous trees, fixing the pool, etc., repairing community buildings, etc.). The maintenance pays for property taxes, lawn care, gas, electricity, and all pool upkeep. We keep the costs down by sharing in the workload and fixing things we are able to fix without hiring outside workers. We have a handy and helpful crew here!

Q: What is required to purchase a bungalow?
A: All sales are cash only; there is no financing available for the units.
A credit check is required.
A personal or professional letter of recommendation is required (from a friend, co-worker, or boss).
All buyers must be approved by the Spring Glen Woods co-op Board.
There is a $2000 transfer fee per unit for all buyers (in lieu of a “closing fee”), paid to the co-op. The sellers pay a 4% flip tax to the co-op when selling.

Q: Are pets allowed?
A: Pets are allowed in the bungalows. All pets must be on a leash at all times when outside.

Q: Is there internet?
A: Yes, we have Wi-Fi for the community.

Q: Tell me about the pool
A: We love the pool! The pool is open during the summer months and is not heated. It goes to 6-feet deep and there is no diving board. There is a gated fence surrounding the pool and one must have a key to enter the pool. Children entering the pool area MUST be attended by an adult (over 18) at all times. Anyone using the pool is expected to help with the maintenance of the pool including skimming to remove leaves and other tree debris, checking the chlorine levels, etc.. Food and glass bottles are not allowed in the pool area.

Q: Can I add on to my house by building a deck or porch?
A: The simple answer is no, though there are some exceptions. Many units have already added on a porch or deck and if your unit has an add-on, you may not build more. If you’d like to screen in an existing porch or deck, that must be voted on by the community. Any add-ons to units must be approved by the shareholders at one of the two annual shareholders meetings (usually held on Memorial Day and/or Labor Day weekends).

Q: Can I have a campfire?A: Yes, campfires are one of our favorite things about being in the country! All fires must be contained in an above-ground fire pit (see examples here) and no fires can be set on the ground. Fires may NOT be left burning if unattended. All fires must MUST BE ENTIRELY EXTINGUISHED with water. Bush and wildfires are very common in the Catskills and we must do our part to not inadvertently spread fires.

Q: Can guests come to visit and pitch tents on the property?
A: While you may have guests sleep inside your cabin, tents are not allowed on the property for sleeping. We have discussed an annual “Campout Night” and that would be a scheduled event.

Q: Are there any amenities or stores nearby?
A: We have a small grocery store within walking distance, right next to a post office. The town of Ellenville is a 5-10 minute drive and has a huge and well-stocked ShopRite grocery store, hardware stores, restaurants, the Shadowland Theatre, a hospital, a library, bakeries, ice cream shops, a Farmer’s Market, pizza places, banks, and much more. The town of Wurtsboro is about a 10-minute drive and has a great ice cream shop, as well as restaurants, banks, antique shops, a supermarket, and more. The nearby town of Napanoch has a natural foods supermarket (Peter’s Market). See the links page for more local attractions.

If you have additional questions, please contact springglenwoods@gmail.com